6ª Estrela

In 2022, iFood entered the field as the official sponsor of the World Cup games on social networks, to connect its brand to fans in Brazil and engage the public on social networks during the biggest football tournament in the world.

The Campaign

The campaign consists of creating a strength for the long-awaited sixth championship, relating the (5) stars on the Brazilian shirt with the review stars in the app.

Using fun language, the brand upgraded its application so that users who were satisfied with their order could rate it with six stars (the one missing from the Brazilian Jersey).

Quite a move, in addition to bringing a creative and fun argument, it generates engagement on social networks and encourages user feedback through ratings.


The visual identity follows a very clear and direct pattern about its message. With a reduced color palette, the campaign incorporated green and yellow to the brand's traditional red, white and black - bringing the fans for the sixth championship into the art.

The symbols used refer to everyday and popular experiences (such as spells for luck), while incorporating a language common to the user of mobile applications. A way to connect the theme (the love for football during national team matches) to the campaign's brand and proposal.

The minimal style of illustration required a challenging condensation of ideas from the team. All this so that the message could be transmitted with the minimum necessary elements on screen.


The fluid, eye-pleasing result is based on mixing different motion styles and techniques, with frame-by-frame animation and a lot of spending time on animation curves.

Some animations that often go unnoticed by the viewer, or at least don't hold attention so much, are the ones that require the most time and care when creating. As, for example, the confetti in this scene are used in secondary animation, they needed to have an organic and faithful result with reality. For this, each element had to be animated individually with different paths, curves and timing in the animation.

Another piece that requires a lot of technique and a lot of patience for a pleasant result was the mosaic. By using different Z-axis positions of each individual element, we create depth and perspective in the scene.


Fluid and organic transitions wouldn't be possible without frame-by-frame animations. Transforming the 5 stars into superstitious objects (at least in Brazil), these techniques, in addition to causing a very pleasant result visually, contribute to the video's creative message of making a collective effort to bring the sixth star to the Brazilian shirt.

In another moment, following the same language of generating an interesting visual that also contributes to the message of the video, the scene with the application's pop-up turns into a football field.

Bounce, Bend it, overlapping and follow through.

Without you, none of this would be possible.

These techniques are present in the entire video and are the basis of an animation that causes the famous "illusion to life" name of one of the main animation books written by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two of Disney's main animators during the Golden Age of animation.

The concept is simple, and very difficult to apply, it consists of creating movements so similar to reality that we can for a few minutes believe that the colored vectors are "real".

Agency: Ocho
Client: iFood
Year: 2022

Sailor Studio
Directors: Luccas Oliveira, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida ​​​​​​
Project Manager: Gustavo Veloso
Art Diretor: Teidy Nakao
Art Assistant: Duba Rodrigues
Animation Supervisor: Rafael Matheus
Motion: Alexandre Alves, Guilherme Micsik, Vitor Mendes, Gustavo "GGA" Almeida
2D Animation: Juli Sartori, Ana Carolinha Gonçalves​​​​​​​

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